What Our Clients Say

Shirley Jennings

"This is my Sisterlock journey testimony. I have very soft textured hair and always wanted thicker hair. So, I would get sew-in hair weaves, glued down weave extensions, crochet extensions and would be so frustrated when having to take that hair down. But, I wanted the fuller hair look for the hair style I wanted.
Sabrina Foster, aka Puddy to me, encouraged me to try Sisterlocks and seeing her work was very convincing to me. I’ve gave it a try and I’m loving my hair! The hair care plan is good and easy to keep up. Although my Sisterlocks are still maturing, I’m loving the journey. It’s definitely a beautiful style for our natural hair. No more weaves for me!!! Thank you, Sabrina."


Dana Thurston

"Getting my sisterlocks was the best hair decision I ever made. Sisterlocks allow me to be FREE! I could not take another day of struggling with my hair, wondering what I was going to do with my hair each day. My wash days would take up to 3 hours and of course I dreaded those days. Now, I do not have to worry. No more detangling! Sisterlocks gave me life and now I wake up every morning knowing I do not have to worry about my hair. I can go for my morning run, come home, shower, and be ready for work without worrying about my hair. Thank you, Sabrina Foster! I am so in love with my Sisterlocks and the only regret I have is that I did not get them sooner! What are you waiting for? Free yourself!"



"I am truly grateful for Sabrina who helped me through my Sisterlock Journey. Having Sisterlock’s has been the best decision I’ve made for my hair."


Tamrin Wise

"6 months ago, I made a life changing decision to get Sisterlocks. Sabrina was very supportive of my decision. She was very informative about the process and the upkeep of my hair. I’m very satisfied with my hair. I’m so glad I chose her to help me begin my Sisterlock journey."


Wanda Barbour

"I was a little skeptical at first, but OmGosh!!! This is the best decision I have ever made. Sabrina has been very professional and caring for my hair. She answered all my questions and took her time making sure that my Sisterlock’s looks it best. I love my hair! I no longer have to use perms and relaxers to manage my hair. My hair has grown thicker, healthier and stronger with Sisterlocks. I wish I have known about Sisterlocks a long time ago."


Frances Bowie

"Sisters, it took me a while to decide if Sisterlocks were for me. Especially because the installation process was suppose to be so long. Well, I found the right installer and have been pleased from day one. I am so in love with my Sisterlocks that the installation process was well worth the end results. Thank you, Sabrina you did a beautiful job! And sisters, I wear my natural hair proudly!"


Shakima Dortch

"I love my sisterlocs and my loctician Sabrina so so much! Sabrina takes her time and makes sure her clients are happy.! She was patient with all my questions and put my anxious worrisome mind at ease. Sabrina has made my journey wonderful, easy and comfortable so far. She is the only person I trust with my Locs!!!"



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