Sabrina Foster

Hello and welcome to EbonyEyez loc studio. My name is Sabrina, and I am a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant located in Chester, PA. I love Sisterlock’s™ and take great pride in giving my clients a professional, laid back experience that they can appreciate. Not only do I transform and break down barriers of stigma and uncertainty that many black women feel about their hair, but I also give them hope and a new perspective on how to love and embrace their natural hair. Sisterlock’s ™mean so much more than hair. It is about self-esteem because we can now have something that makes us feel like we can be who we really are!

Sporting Sisterlock’s™ has allowed me to confront a lot of insecurities about the way that I felt about my hair. For as long as I can remember, I have worn braid extensions, weaves, wigs, chemical relaxers. You name it. I did all of this to hide and cover up what I did not like about my hair. Tell me, do you like yourself enough to explore what you really look like wearing your natural hair? Before answering that question, think about your current hair practices and how it benefits your lifestyle.

In addition to being a Sisterlock’s™ consultant, I am a self-taught resin artist. My interest in resin art began 2 years ago when I stumbled across a DIY on YouTube. That is when I began experimenting with resin and making resin artwork for my home, family, and friends. I enjoy creating functional resin artwork and abstract paintings that give rise to thought and imagination. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, geodes and agate stones. Each design is uniquely hand-crafted and one of a kind.
Sisterlock’s™ and resin art has become my passion, my therapy and I love what I do. I hope to bring your vision to life by offering unsurpassed customer service, attention to detail, and an experience you can rave about.

The Sisterlock’s™ approach has changed the game in the natural hair genre and many women are opting for this style because the technique is painless and doesn't cause any stress to the hair follicle. In fact, Sisterlock’s™ are very easy to manage and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance other than following up every 4-6 weeks for a retie. Your hair will grow long and strong like it never had before. No more products, No more combs, No more detangling after wash days and they’re great for little girls. Sisterlocks are suitable for women through all walks of life. Sisterlocks isn't just a hairstyle but a lifestyle.

To learn more about Sisterlock’s ™, please visit www.sisterlocks.com.


(484) 885.4119
Chester, Pennsylvania