Our Policy

At EbonyEyez, you will be serviced in a relaxing, professional, home atmosphere in which you will have my full focus and attention during your appointment. In order for your Sisterlocks™ to be uniform in appearance and remain strong and healthy, we must form a partnership. This partnership means agreeing to be consistent with maintenance, following post-appointment instructions, and using recommended Sisterlocks™ products as applicable. To provide you with the very best quality of service, the following policies have been implemented:

•  All services by appointment only. 

•  The time for your appointment is blocked off only for you, so please be on time. Things do happen, however, so please call or text me at (484) 885.4119 if it looks like you will be more than 15 minutes late. If 30 minutes late or more, I will have to reschedule your appointment and a $15 reschedule/cancellation fee will be assessed.

•  Due to limited space and safety concerns, no guests or children may be brought to your appointment.

•  If you must cancel an appointment, a 24-hour notice is requested. A $30 fee will be assessed for no-shows, payable in full before your next appointment. If something comes up and I have to cancel your appointment, I will contact you immediately to let you know and to reschedule. In this case there will of course be no rescheduling charge.

•  You must shampoo your hair within 48 hours of all appointments – including Consultation, Locking Session, Follow-Up, Retightenings, Repairs, and Grooming sessions. You should arrive at your appointment with your hair completely clean and free of any hair products.

•  You will be quoted the price of your 3-visit package during the Consultation, and the $25 non-refundable Consultation fee will not be applied to the cost of your full package. This quote is good for 45 days. If your locking session occurs after that time, your length will be measured again, and you will be charged accordingly.

•  Payment for your installation is due prior to services being rendered. Payment must be received in full the morning of installation prior to us getting started.

•  A 25% deposit fee is required to book your installation.

•  If you go beyond 4 weeks for your initial follow-up appointment, you will be charged the regular retightening fee. You will be offered a free retightening at a later time when you are on schedule.

•  If you fail to follow instructions for maintaining your locks, it will result in repairs and you will be charged accordingly. If this happens before your first follow-up visit, it could possibly result in a full establishment fee if the locks have blown out that much. Your free follow-up will be scheduled for later when your locks are back on track.

•  I advise against micro-sized Sisterlocks® for various reasons; and I neither install nor retighten them.

•  No personal checks please. Cash, CashApp, and PayPal are welcome.

•  I do not offer refunds on services rendered. I do my best to manage expectations prior to rendering services. However, if you find issue with the results of your service, please let me know as soon as possible and allow me the opportunity to remedy the situation.


If you refer a client who gets the full 3-Visit Package, you will receive a free Retightening  
Sabrina Foster Sisterlocks™ - Certified 


(484) 885.4119
Chester, Pennsylvania